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  • Going to try posting on my blog much more often now that I’m kind of leaving Tumblr behind. Check out my latest photo blog post here <3
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    Going to try posting on my blog much more often now that I’m kind of leaving Tumblr behind. Check out my latest photo blog post here <3

    | Follow me on FaceBook |

    I have been thinking about deactivating my Tumblr lately. I’ve decided to keep it; and still try answering all my messages when I get time. But I don’t use it any more and probably won’t be posting anything. So if you want to follow me here are links to all my social media that I update regularly:

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    Take care :) XXX

    emerald-omamori asked: Helloo! Just wondering what foundation you use (your skin always looks so flawless) because I have a lot of trouble finding foundation pale enough for my skin, hope you can help! :')

    Revlon Colourstay in Ivory :) x

    Turned asks off again, sorry. I’ve kinda accepted that I just don’t have time to answer most and so I don’t want to keep letting people down by letting them ask me things :/ I’ll still answer some from my inbox every now and then and if I ever get through all of them I’ll open asks back up <3 <3

    daydreamingdisaster27 asked: why don't you consider yourself to be a feminist? i've watched some of your youtube videos and would've pegged you as one, so i'm just curious!

    I answered this a few days ago xD I find it amazing that everyone is so surprised. Feminism as a sociological theory I don’t fully agree with; therefore I cannot label myself a feminist. It would be strange of me to do so seeing as I disagree with some of the feminist sociological arguments. Wouldn’t it? 

    Though just to point out; not being a feminist does not mean I deny sexism exists or that I think there isn’t a battle to be fought! <3

    sad-miss-emily asked: Hi Scarlet :) my name is Sara, I'm turning 19 soon and Im trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Its a bit scary to think about, but Im sure about one thing only and that is that I want to try a million different things before I make any decisions. So normally I have pink and purple hair (its currently brown for my mom) and would like to get tattoos and piercings and want to do alternative modeling, but I dont know how to start? Where would I look? Craigslist?

    You might find this video that I made helpful :) <3




    it’s so dumb that piercings and tattoos can impact your ability to find a job. employers shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate based on gender, race, sexual orientation, or level of punk-rockness

    If you were about to have a surgery done, would you feel comfortable if she/he had gages and tattoos all over their face?

    I mean presumably they went to medical school I literally would not give a single shit what they decided to put on their face

    They don’t “have gauges”. Do you “have millimeters”?? xD

    sentrea asked: Hey!! You made a comment a while ago on something you reblogged that was very feminist saying you agreed... So, why are you not feminist? I know that the word can have some negative connotations (ie. negative stereotypes about feminism, women who hate men, ect) but it's really just a belief that women are equal to men, and the desire to stop sexism against women in society. I just want to see your view on it, since I thought you would be feminist and your comment took me by surprise.

    Feminism is a socialogical theory; and one that I don’t full agree with. Therefore I do not consider myself a feminist. Simple as that really. Sexism exists, it’s wrong and I wish to help fight it…but I’m not a feminist. 


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